Steel strips can be supplied with a variety of edge finishes to meet customer needs; the finishes that we can produce are illustrated below.


Your choice of edge depends on the strips' type of use or application. However, the possibility of applying certain finishes also depends on material specificity, size and the required tolerances.

rounding edges
  1. mill edge

Untreated edge; generally with a non-uniform contour. Normally this type of edge does not allow dimensional precision tolerances to be established. 


  1. Sheared edge 

edge with shearing burrs. This type of edge results from shearing strips with circular blades (slitting): two of the four edges always have the machining burr that can be seen in the figure. 


  1. Deburred edge

Sheared edge from which the shearing burrs was removed with subsequent processing. 


  1. Rounded edge

Fully rounded edge. This can normally be obtained on strips with a thickness from 0.15 to 1.50 mm and a width (in general) between 2.00 mm and 250 mm; the widths for which edge rounding is possible also depend on the type and thickness of the strip.


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