Nominal chemical composition,%

C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo
0.75 0.20 0.75 - - -

Main mechanical properties
expressed in MPa (nominal value at 20°C, tolerance ± 100 MPa)

Material tensile strength, Rm Yield strength Rp 0.2% Elastic limit 0.01% e-modulus g-modulus Elongation Max service temperature
SANDVIK 15LM 1500÷1600* 1350÷1450* 1200÷1550* 210.000 80.000 - 100 °C

* The mechanical properties decrease as the thickness increases and vice versa.

Description and uses:

Acciaio al carbonio non legato, temperato e rinvenuto

Non-alloyed hardened and tempered carbon steel ensures good resistance to fatigue and wear, hardness along with flexibility, a good surface finish and a lack of shape defects. 

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