PRECISINOX srl began business as a service centre for steel strips, immediately giving rise to a very important and significant collaboration with the Italian branch of the renowned Swedish Steel Mill SANDVIK AB; today we are distributors (with stock) for small quantities of SANDVIK strips and wires:

  • stainless steel strips for springs (SANDVIK 12R11 & 11R51 - AISI 301);
  • Hardened and tempered stainless chromium steel strips (SANDVIK 7C27Mo2 - AISI 420);
  • Hardened and tempered carbon steel strips (SANDVIK 20C & 15LM - AISI 1095 / AISI 1074);
  • stainless steel wires for springs (SANDVIK 12R10 - AISI 302);
  • annealed stainless steel strips (AISI 304 and 316/L) complete the range of materials in stock.

Steel strips

The Company has its own stock that is constantly maintained with the ENTIRE standard production range of these materials (please see the "products page" for a detailed list of the products kept).

We maintain constant stock of main Steel Mill production widths (mm 300÷350 MAX); a complete set of shears with circular blades ("slitters") allows us to cut these strips to any width desired by the Customer: there are no pre-set widths, and each strip can be "tailor" cut as required.

In relation to a strip's thickness, we can also cut tiny strips only one millimetre in width.

We are also equipped with lines for treating edges in order to provide strips with deburred and/or rounded edges. We can also check and, if necessary, correct deviations from straightness which may occur with the material, in order to provide strips that are as straight as possible: an essential requirement for niche applications such as conveyor belts or doctor blades for textile machines and printers.

Of course, the strips can also be sold at the available width (so called "full-width"), in rolls or cut into strips of any unit length. This solution is particularly useful for steel processing based on the "new" technologies such as laser cutting, water or plasma cutting and chemical photo etching.

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